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Our company is fully aware that there are real injuries that occur with the trauma associated with motor vehicle accidents and work injuries. We partner with our attorneys to see that our clients fully recover from their injuries.

We will see new clients within 24 hours of referral, perform an evaluation and establish a treatment plan specifically for that client.

We do request that you notify us by email or fax that you are representing this client with their signature on a consent form.

We request that you sign the Assignment and Authorization for reimbursement of therapy bills.

Request for documentation:

When we receive a written request for medical records regarding a client, this office charges $30.00 for preparation and handling of records prior to sending them out.

Please send payment to:

Complete Physical Therapy
6309 Baltimore Ave. Suite 301
Riverdale, Maryland 20737           

Upon receipt of a check for the above mentioned amount, we will promptly forward the information requested. We also accept credit cards.

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